Fluffy Crunch Boxes

We're so excited to be able to offer Fluffy Crunch fans around Australia our gourmet fairy floss online. Now you can mix and match your very own bundles of goodness from the comfort of your home and have our delicious Fluffy Crunch boxes delivered straight to your door.  

So, you want to get your hands on some gourmet fairy floss online?

Well you're in the right place. When we started our small business venture at the local markets we had no idea of the level of excitement and demand that our gourmet fairy floss would have.

We took the time to experiment with our flavours and perfected our creations, to bring them to you at events and now, online. You can order our gourmet fairy floss online from anywhere in Australia and choose a box of either 3 or 6 incredible fairy floss creations to be delivered to your door.


So what makes Fluffy Crunch gourmet?

Simply put, it's our truly unique flavours and toppings that make Fluffy Crunch the gourmet fairy floss experience that it is. 

As Sydney's premium fairy floss caterers, we're here to change the way you experience a true Australian classic. Our quirky twist starts by incorporating unexpected toppings and flavours to create a burst of flavour, from ingredients like freeze dried fruit, honeycomb, cookies and powdered Nutella to popping candy and even chilli.  The Fluffy Crunch experience is fun, flavour packed and guaranteed to surprise people of all ages. 

Accommodating for all fairy floss lovers, we have created a range with no added colours specially for allergen conscious individuals. All colours used are free from animal products, and most fairy floss creations are Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free. 

For more information about our delicious gourmet fairy floss refer to our Fluffy Crunch Menu.  


Some Sweet Ideas.

  • Have you thought of having a Fluffy Crunch tasting party?
  • Fluffy Crunch can be used to top fruit or smoothie bowls with a sweet, tropical cloud!
  • Use as a garnish on baked treats like donuts, cup cakes, pancakes or waffles.
  • Perfect for cocktail garnishes, champagne toppers or to flavour your dry sparkling wine.
  • Mix a little Fluffy Crunch with some Sparkling water for that extra flavour.
  • Fun gift idea for brides to be or your BFF.
  • Great house warming gifts.
  • Perfect for that something special when visiting friends or family. 

Discover fairy floss in a whole new light and begin your journey below. To ask us any questions about our gourmet fairy floss range, simply contact us online to have all your questions answered.


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