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What started as a part time experiment at the local markets has evolved into a full time business venture for the husband and wife team, Michael and Paola Karamallis, who have experienced huge demand for their gourmet fairy floss range. 


With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, working in restaurants, clubs and cafes, we were both looking for a change, especially some weekends off. We had managed to transition out of hospitality with a drive to start something new in the corporate world. We thought we'd be fulfilled but after the excitement of a new career wore off, the change we were searching for lead us back into the hospitality industry. We realised that our passion and joy was in service and creating memorable experiences for others.

So we made the decision to change our path again but this time we would create and build our own little business and began searching for a cafe lease to take over. Simple plan but not as easy as we had thought. Meeting after meeting we kept receiving the same message - that we weren't a suitable applicant as we "didn't have enough business experience" according to all the landlords and agents we were talking to.

Our solution was to start a part time experiment at the local markets and get the experience the landlords wanted. In late 2015 we spent a few months brainstorming and in the new year Fluffy Crunch was born. Six months later we both walked away from our full time positions and committed ourselves to this new venture.


A Quirky Twist to a Traditional Classic

Fluffy Crunch is a unique and modern twist to a traditional carnival classic. It's a fun, flavour packed experience that will ensure you get in touch with your inner child. 


Incorporating pure freeze dried fruits into our creations as well as fun toppings like crushed cookies, honeycomb, popping candy and edible glitter, we've truly made fairy floss gourmet.

Rather than using a traditional stick we created our very own Fluffy Crunch Bouquets of Sweetness which allow us to serve our creations in there fluffiest form together with our quirky toppings. 

After seeing a huge demand at the local markets, ranging from excited children devouring their freshly spun fairy floss, to adults being blown away by the array of flavours and creations, we are so excited to be able to effectively package and deliver our delicious fairy floss to more customers around the country. 

Whether your looking to treat yourself with one of our gourmet flavours or looking for something to spruce up your next party, Fluffy Crunch will definitely add that touch of wow. You can even use Fluffy Crunch to create your very own flavoured fairy floss cocktails, garnish your cakes or decorate your dessert table.

With options to create your very own personalised party favours that can be customised to blend in with your decor or theme, we guarantee a memorable experience at your next party, wedding or corporate event. 

Fluffy Crunch also offers fairy floss lovers a full service event experience where we provide our funky little cart, multiple flavours and an operator to spin and serve your guests, while you enjoy your celebration. 

We're here to help, so send us a quick shout out and let us know how we can bring a little sweetness into your life.

Have a Sweet Day


Paola & Michael Karamallis

Founders of Fluffy Crunch