Triple Crunch Box

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A Triple Crunch Box Your Way!

Mix and match to create the perfect Triple Crunch Box for you (50g tubs).

Choose 3 different flavours or pick three of the same...the choice is completely yours. 

If you can't decide then it's time to upgrade to our Sweet 6 Indulgence Box where you get to create your very own collection and receive six flavours for the price of five. 


Sweet Ideas

  • Have you thought of having a Fluffy Crunch tasting party?
  • Top fruit or smoothie bowls with a sweet, tropical cloud!
  • Use as a garnish on baked treats like donuts, cup cakes, pancakes or waffles.
  • Perfect for cocktail garnishes, champagne toppers or to flavour your dry sparkling wine.
  • Fun gift idea for brides to be or your BFF.
  • Great house warming gifts or that something special when visiting friends or family. 


Fluffy Crunch Care

Working with fairy floss has been both a blessing and a curse. While we’ve managed to create a gourmet twist to a traditional classic, by creating a fun, flavour packed experience, the delicate and soft cloud-like texture that makes fairy floss so magical also makes it both sensitive and fragile. 

The elements like heat, moisture and humidly all impact the quality of fairy floss. That being said, we’ve found a storage solution that maintains the magical qualities of fairy floss for much longer than simple, low quality bags.

While we recommend you enjoy your Fluffy Crunch within 5-7 days of receiving your creations, tubs that are unopened and have traveled well during the shipping process may last for months.

Be mindful that some shrinkage during shipping is common and to be expected. If you decide to create a “secret stash” remember to store your Fluffy Crunch in a cool, dry place (do not refrigerate or freeze) and keep unopened until right before use. If by chance you don’t complete your tub in one sitting, make sure you listen out for the “click click” when securing the lid on our resealable air tight tubs. 


Garnishing Information

Fluffy Crunch 50g tubs each contain enough fairy floss to garnish 4-6 cocktails or champagne glasses (depending on how much you use).


For further information regarding ingredients and toppings please refer to our Flavours page.

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