Traditional Flavours

Bubble Gum

Who can say no to some bubble gum flavoured fairy floss?

This classic treat will definitely bring you back to your childhood.  

Oh and we've topped the floss with some edible confetti, cause we love to party.


Spun from Organic Raw Sugar - Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly


Blue Raspberry

If Elsa and Anna had a favourite treat then this would be it. 

Raspberry flavoured fairy floss topped with some edible sprinkles. 

Our daughter originally named this treat "Frozen Floss" but we decided to "let it go." 


Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly


Galaxy Pop Rocks

Inspired by the galaxy donut craze.

 Each creation comes with layers of raspberry and grape flavoured fairy floss, topped with some edible glitter and sprinkles. On the outside of the container we've place 3 popping candy sachets...all you need to do is decide if you're going to eat the candy first or sprinkle it on top of each layer. 


Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly

Popping Candy Sachets contain MILK


Unicorn Dreams

What do you unicorns dream of? Rainbow coloured Fluffy Crunch of course.

 We've packed five flavours into this sweet dreamy treat.

You'll discover our traditional Strawberry (Pink), Banana (Yellow), Watermelon (Green), Raspberry (Blue) and Grape (Purple) flavoured fairy floss. 


Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly


ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Fluffy Crunch is manufactured on equipment that MAY CONTAIN traces of HAZELNUTS, PEANUTS, SULPHITES, MILK and SOY. 


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