Questions & Answers

So what makes Fluffy Crunch gourmet?

Well to start with, we use 100% organic raw sugar which is derived from sugar cane that was grown without any synthetic herbicides or pesticides. The sugar is refined less, which gives it a more pronounced molasses aroma and flavour.  We take it one step further by using freeze dried fruit in some of our creations to add that extra burst of flavour and crunch. We also use fun topping like cookies, honeycomb, popping candy and edible glitter to create a fun, flavour packed experience that will continue to surprise and bring joy to people of all ages. 


How can I tell which creations are gluten free or vegan friendly?

For more information about our creations refer to our Fluffy Crunch Menu which clearly outlines which products are gluten free and vegan friendly. In general though, the colouring that we use is free from all animal products and some of our creations are colour free. It's our topping you need to keep an eye out for as some of them contain milk products like our Crushed Cookies and the Popping Candy Sachets that we place on top of the tub.


How long will my Fluffy Crunch fairy floss last?

While we recommend you enjoy your Fluffy Crunch within 5-7 days of receiving your creations, tubs that are unopened and have travelled well during the shipping process may last for months. Be mindful that some shrinkage during shipping is common and to be expected. Nevertheless, we’ve found a storage solution that maintains the magical qualities of fairy floss for much longer than bags.


Is the packaging safe?

All our creations are packed in food safe, tamper proof containers which mean that your Fluffy Crunch will stay fluffy for longer than any other packaging methods. You can recycle the tubs once you've finished or reuse them as storage options. 


How should I store my Fluffy Crunch?

Always keep your fairy floss in a cool, dry place (do not refrigerate or freeze) and keep unopened until right before use. If by chance you don’t complete your tub in one sitting, make sure you listen out for the “click click” when securing the lid on our resealable air tight tubs. You should get at least another 3-5 days of fluffy goodness after opening your tubs. 


How many garnishing serves can you get out of a large 50g tub? 

Fluffy Crunch 50g tubs each contain enough fairy floss to garnish 4-6 cocktails or champagne glasses (depending on how much you use). 


How do you customise and personalise the Party Favours?

Once you have selected the style of party favour that you prefer (Classic, Classic Plus or Premium) we have created an automated system during your shopping experience where you are able to follow the prompts and begin customising your selections. Based on your theme or concept we have options that will meet your needs.

  • choose your creations - either by flavour or colour (up to 2 selections) 

  • decide if you would like any additional extras like ribbons or glitter 

  • write your message (the short the better)

  • then upload your invitation or an example of what you had in mind for your personalised label and leave the rest to our design team. Alternatively you can provide your own art work. 


Is there a minimum order for the party favours?

Yes. The minimum order is 20 Party Favours. If you are after less you could always treat yourself a few days later with a yummy treat. Alternatively you can purchase a few of our Prepackaged Gift Packs which come with 3 petite sized tubs in 3 different options. Please note that these can not be customised. 


How much notice do you need for the party favours?

Depending on your location from Sydney we have tabled the minimum notice time we require.

Time frames take into account making the product fresh for every order, individualy customising and personalising each favour as well as our production schedule, the design and printing time frames as well as postage timetables.


Location Time Frame
Sydney Metro 10 working days*
Outside of Sydney 15 working days*
Western Australia 20 working days*

*Please note the above time frames are a minimum requirement and we always appreciate just that little extra notice when possible.