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Delicious, gourmet fairy floss party favours in Sydney that give you more time to focus on your celebrations. 

We have 3 options available for our gourmet fairy floss party favours in Sydney

The Classic Selection  |  The Classic Plus Selection  |  The Premium Selection

We Customise & Personalise 

Select your style

Choose your flavour

Personalise your message

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We Post Australia Wide

Your Petite Party Favours will arrive to your door ready to party. 

10 Business Days Required for Personalisation

As we create your gourmet fairy floss party favours personalised and fresh. Created unique to your requirements, we will need a little extra time to make your sweet treats perfect for your occasion. We're working on creating a last-minute option, but in the mean time we can have our petite creations delivered to your door within 10 business days. Available throughout Sydney and for delivery across Australia, for a party everyone will love!


Delivery Location Time Frame
Sydney Metro 10 working days*
Outside of Sydney 15 working days*
Western Australia 20 working days*



Common Questions

One of the things we love most about Fluffy Crunch, is that we've packaged a unique and classic treat into an adorable party favour that allows you to say thank you to your family and friends, for sharing that special moment in your life.

Our gourmet petite party favours provide your guests with a sweet take away treat to enjoy at a later date and will surely delight and impress.

Bellow you'll find the answers to some of those nitty gritty questions you may have. 


How do I customise and personalise my Party Favours?

Step 1: Decide on the style of Party Favour that you would like - Classic, Classic Plus or Premium. 

Step 2: Once you have selected your option follow the prompts and begin customising your selection. Based on your theme or concept we have options that will meet your needs.

  • choose your creations - either by flavour or colour (up to 2 selections) 
  • decide if you would like any additional extras like ribbons or glitter 
  • write your message (the shorter the better)
  • then upload your invitation or an example of what you had in mind for your personalised label and leave the rest to our design team. Alternatively you can provide your own art work. 

Step 3: Once you've made your selection, click on the pink "add to cart" button and finalise payment. Within the next 48 hours we'll be in touch to confirm your selections and answer any further questions you may have. 


Is there a minimum order?

Yes. The minimum order is 20 Party Favours. If you are having a smaller party then use the remaining favours as a yummy well deserved reward for yourself.  Alternatively you can purchase a few of our Prepackaged Gift Packs which come with 3 petite sized tubs in 3 different options. Please note that these can not be customised. 


How much notice do you need?

As we customise and personalise every order, we've had to take into account a number of variables. Things like our production schedule, the design and printing time frames as well as postage timetables all influence the amount of notice that we require.

Please refer to the following guidelines:


Delivery Location Time Frame
Sydney Metro 10 working days*
Outside of Sydney 15 working days*
Western Australia 20 working days*


*Please note the above time frames are a minimum requirement and we always appreciate just that little extra notice when possible.


Is there a last minute option available?

We're working on this option right now and a selected collection of party favours (pink, blue and ivory coloured) will be available soon with a simple "thank you" message. In the mean time get in touch with us and we'll see if we can make it happen. Last minute options will lack the level of customisation available with orders place in the specified time requirements. 


So what makes Fluffy Crunch gourmet?

Simply put, it's our flavours and toppings that makes Fluffy Crunch gourmet.

As Sydney's premium fairy floss service provider we're here to change the way you experience this traditional classic. Our quirky twist starts by incorporating some unexpected toppings and flavours to create a burst of flavour through ingredients like freeze dried fruit, honeycomb, cookies, powdered Nutella, popping candy and even chilli.  The Fluffy Crunch experience is fun, flavour packed and guaranteed to surprise and bring joy to people of all ages. 

For allergen conscious individuals we've also created a range with no added colours. 

All colours are also free from animal products and most creations are Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free. 

For more information about our creations refer to our Fluffy Crunch Menu.  


How long will it last?

While we recommend you enjoy your Fluffy Crunch within 5-7 days of receiving your creations, tubs that are unopened and have travelled well during the shipping process may last for months. Be mindful that some shrinkage during shipping is common and to be expected. Nevertheless, we’ve found a storage solution that maintains the magical qualities of fairy floss for much longer than bags. All our creations are packed in food safe, tamper proof containers which mean that your Fluffy Crunch will stay fluffy for longer than any other packaging methods.


How should I store my Party Favours?

The delicate and soft cloud-like texture that makes fairy floss so magical also makes it both sensitive and fragile. The elements like heat, moisture and humidly all impact the quality of fairy floss. That being said, the best approach is to store your Fluffy Crunch in a cool, dry place (do not refrigerate or freeze).


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