Gourmet Flavours

Apple Pie

We've combined pure freeze dried apple wit a hint of cinnamon spice to create a melt in your mouth apple pie experience.


Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly

Strawberry Lemonade

Our brand NEW creation

We've blended freeze dried strawberries with our lemon flavoured fairy floss to create a refreshing strawberry lemonade flavour.


Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly

Peaches & Cream

We've decided to spoil you with another NEW creation.

Peaches with ice-cream - I'm sure you've tried that before...now experience that same flavour in our gourmet range.

We've dusted our peach flavoured fairy floss with freeze dried peaches and milk powder. 


Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly



Salted Caramel

A sensational combination of sweet and savoury.

Caramel flavoured fairy floss, dusted with our home made honeycomb and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt...just to be a little fancy.


No Added Colours - Vegan Friendly (honeycomb does not contain animal products.)


Crushed Cookies

If you love cookies and cream then this is for you.

This unexpected creation starts by adding a decadent chocolate flavour to our floss then lightly dusting these clouds of magic with some oreo cookies and milk powder to create an out of this world texture and experience.


No Added Colours - Contains WHEAT, MILK & SOY - Gluten Free - (NOT Vegan Friendly)



Nutella flavoured fairy floss...WTF?

We've converted the classic hazelnut spread into a powdered form to bring you our very own Fluffy-Tella. Chocolate flavoured fairy floss topped with powdered Nutella, what more could you ask for?


No Added Colours - Contains HAZELNUTS, MILK & SOY - Gluten Free - (NOT Vegan Friendly)



Simply exquisite.

An exotic flavoured fairy floss dusted with pure freeze dried lychee fruit. 


No Added Colours - Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly


Chilli Mango

Let's see if you can handle the fruity chilli taste?

Mango flavoured fairy floss dusted with chilli powder and pure freeze dried mango.


No Added Colours - Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly - Spicy



A refreshing tropical treat.

Mango flavoured fairy floss dusted with pure freeze dried mango.


No Added Colours - Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly




A must for any fan of the classic treat...

but we've added a little twist by incorporating real strawberries to give you that extra punch of flavour. 

Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly


Berry Crunch 

It's just a little bit fancy.

Experience the unforgettable combination of grape flavoured fairy floss with pure freeze dried blueberries and strawberries.


Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly


Rosewater and Pistachio

Our most elegant creation. 

During VIVID Sydney 2017 we traded next to "Nutie Donuts" and couldn't resit their amazing creations. After trying all their treats we were inspired to replicate our favourite. A few weeks later we introduced our Rosewater flavoured fairy floss, dusted with crushed pistachios and topped with edible petite rose petals.

Gluten Free - Vegan Friendly - Contains Nuts


ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Fluffy Crunch is manufactured on equipment that may contain traces of HAZELNUTS, PEANUTS, SULPHITES, MILK and SOY. 

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