Freshly Spun Packages

...then look no further.

Here are Fluffy Crunch, we have taken our fairy floss to the next level. For your next event, you and your guests can enjoy delicious gourmet fairy floss catering packages in Sydney, an exciting addition sure to wow your guests!

Fluffy Crunch private event gourmet fairy floss catering packages in Sydney are ideal for:

Corporate Events


Private Parties & Nights to Remember


Our Funky Little Set Up

The private Fluffy Crunch Experience includes gourmet fairy floss catering beyond your wildest dreams. You’ll receive our funky little cart, a selection of gourmet flavoured fairy floss and a professional fairy floss operator to spin and serve your guests or team a variety of creations while you enjoy your celebration. 

For all the important bits; we'll need to set up in a space close to electricity, or where our electrical cable can run and only require access to a normal 10 amp electrical outlet.  A space of approximately 2 x 3 metres is required to comfortably operate. If outdoor service is preferred, we can also provide our 3 x 3 metre, fully branded Fluffy Crunch Marquee.

*Please note access to electricity is always required. 


What You Can Expect

A fully trained, gourmet fairy floss operator to spin our gourmet fairy floss live at your event.

Guests are welcome to sample our creations directly from the cart and are encouraged come back for as many serves as they like.

Fluffy Crunch’s gourmet fairy floss will be served in our unique petite bouquets or LED glow sticks.

Our freshly spun gourmet fairy floss can also be used to flavour sparkling mineral water, mocktails, sparkling wine and cocktails for an extra special sweetness.

100-150 serves per hour.

 Give your next event an extra sparkle and delight your guests with Fluffy Crunch’s gourmet fairy floss catering packages in Sydney. Talk to our friendly team today to start putting together your Freshly Spun Package ands discover the world of delicious gourmet fairy floss



Refer to our Fluffy Crunch Menu for your preferred preferences.


Gourmet Flavours      Traditional Flavours


Freshly Spun Packages


Sweet Party*



Total Sugar High*


2 Hours of Service

3 Creations of your Choice

Fluffy Crunch Cart Hire

Fairy Floss Machine

Operator to Spin Fairy Floss

Custom made Bouquets

Edible additions like glitter, sprinkles and other goodies


Party Bonus – Our gift to you.

48 Personalised Pre-Packaged, Petite Classic 

Style Party Favours – valued at $212


3 Hours of Service

4 Creations of your Choice

Fluffy Crunch Cart Hire

Fairy Floss Machine

Operator to Spin Fairy Floss

Custom made Bouquets

Edible additions like glitter, sprinkles and other goodies


Party Bonus – Our gift to you.

72 Personalised Pre-Packaged, Petite Classic

Style Party Favours – valued at $316


Petite Party Favours are a great addition to any party as they can be used to spruce up a dessert table, later transforming into a thank you gift. If entertaining more guests and you require additional party favours please request further information.  


*Please note that the Freshly Spun Packages will include an additional hourly charge for events that require an extended bump in time due to venue managment requirements and restricitions with loading docks.


*We recommend that Corporate Events include additional petite tubs as some team members will often prefer to grab a sweet treat for later. For orders over 200 Petite Party Favours a 20% discount will be offered on the RRP.


*For evening events why not upgrade to our "Glow in the Dark Package" for an extra $3.60 per glow stick.



Please contact us to discuss your upcoming event. 


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Additional Information

The minimum requirement for a Private Fluffy Crunch Experience is the Sweet Party 2 Hour Option. Unfortunately we do not currently provide a freshly spun, done for you service for smaller events. Please refer to our fully customised, pre-packaged, petite party favours that are perfect for smaller events. 


Adding Additional Personalised Petite Party Favours

As a way to say thank you for deciding to have Fluffy Crunch at your upcoming event, both Freshly Spun Packages include an added bonus of pre-packaged, Petite Party Favours, in our Classic Style.  To further enhance your experience there is an upgrade option allowing you to add extra favours.  If you would prefer the Classic Plus or Premium Style we could always offer you a personalised quote to make your event just that little more sweeter.



Each package is based on the time that we are at your event. In an hour we can comfortably serve up to 250 serves of Fluffy Crunch fairy floss in our petite sized bouquets. For large events your guest can simply walk up to the cart and receive their sweet creations, while at more intimate events with less guests our professional operator will step away from the cart and serve your guests. 


Arrival and Departure

Our professional operator will arrive and begin setting up no earlier than approximately one hour before service is required. Once the agreed service is completed the operator will begin packing up while the festivities continue. 


Fluffy Crunch Boxes

If you've never had the chance to experience our creations and are unable to decide what flavours you'd like at your upcoming event, why not order one of our Fluffy Crunch Boxes and have your friends or some colleagues around for a fun, flavour packed tasting experience prior to your event.  



Preferably all bookings will be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. Full payment will be required at least 4 weeks before the event.


Deposit Fee

Once availability is confirmed, to reserve your date, an invoice will be issued requesting a 50% deposit which will be credited to your final invoice.  For events booked within 4 weeks of the required event full payment will be requested. 



We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and direct deposit.



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